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FRIDAY                    9AM - 5PM

SATURDAY                9AM - 2PM



If you want hands-on quality treatment including spinal manipulation, deep tissue massage, dry needling, and rehabilitation then we are interested in helping you.


Our patients deserve the latest, medical approaches to the management of their health.

We have found the typical conditions that we treat are back and neck pain, sports and work injuries, headaches, and muscle/joint sprains and strains. Many of these acute issues often stem from poor posture or faulty movement patterns that put excess strain on our bodies.


We can work to change these patterns by identifying for the long-term.

We value a personal, friendly, long-term, and sustainable approach to living a healthier and happier life.

Shoulder Treatment


Gus Patti

Gus graduated from Victoria University in Melbourne having completed a Bachelor of Clinical Science and Masters of Osteopathy.


Gus’s aim is to provide an individually tailored treatment plan using a variety of manual techniques to treat a diverse range of musculoskeletal complaints, including spinal problems, headaches, wear & tear injuries, biomechanical dysfunctions, and muscle imbalances.


Rehabilitation and active participation from patients will be encouraged throughout the treatments in order to prolong the positive effect of treatment and prevent any reoccurrence.

Gus has a diverse sporting background, which includes Australian Rules football, cricket, and basketball. This background has given him a special interest in sport-related injuries. He also enjoys the challenge of injury-specific rehabilitation, not just sports-related but for injuries from everyday life.

In his spare time, Gus can be found kicking the footy around for his local footy team and also rolling the arm over for his cricket team.

John Patti

John has a genuine passion for Osteopathy! He has a very thorough, analytical, and caring approach to each patient. 


Complemented by a background in engineering, John thrives on seeking and addressing the root cause of a problem. He has particular interests in mobility and restoring function, and works together with his patients to minimise pain recurrence and allow them to reach their goals. He achieves this by utilising a wide variety of manual techniques and exercises aimed at treating and managing his patient's pain or discomfort.

In his spare time, John enjoys dabbling in most sports, in particular hitting the soccer field, hiking, and running. He also plays the trumpet and was part of the jazz/soul music scene in Melbourne for many years. With an Italian background, he simply can’t resist great cooking and sharing quality time with family and friends.

Vanessa Borbiro

Vanessa graduated from RMIT University with a double degree in Osteopathy & Health Sciences.


Vanessa aims to provide all her patients with structured and individual treatment plans to help them recover from a range of musculoskeletal issues. She takes pride in ensuring that all patients feel welcomed and will strive to address the cause of their problems and work collectively to help them achieve their goals. Vanessa has a strong interest in chronic condition management and rehabilitation.


An out-of-office Vanessa enjoys going for hikes, runs, and exploring vast natural trails around Melbourne, as well as reading and getting her daily dose of vitamin D. She also enjoys cooking and is always thinking about the next dessert that she can make for her family and friends to enjoy.









Our Address:

17-19 Main street, Narre Warren North,

Victoria 3804


(03) 9796 8913

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